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An enlightened path for inheritors

Having a trust fund is a beautiful thing.

However, there is a downside is that we really don’t talk about. The pains and perils of the inheritor are far too often swept under the rug mainly because our problems ae too unique and “nice to have”

Hi, I’m Harry Kuskin, the founder of Modern Investing!

And I believe a life of fulfillment, freedom and happiness is possible for inheritors, just like myself, through a better understanding of yourself, your financial behaviors, and how investing actually works.

Welcome to Modern Investing

Here at Modern Investing, my goal is to demystify investing, wealth management, and financial literacy by building a friendly and approachable relationship with each of my clients and their families. As your guide through the ins-and-outs of this complicated world, we’ll dive deeper into your values, goals, and current financial situation, so that we can work together to manage your wealth in a way that works for you.

Modern Investing is a fiduciary and a “fee-only” advisor meaning not only I do not earn commissions for pushing certain investment products, but I only consider your interests and not my own. My hope is that this adds a layer of trust and transparency in our relationship.

The Great Wealth Transfer and SRI Investing

I’m extremely passionate about financial management, but these two topics are of special interest to me and are a big part of Modern Investing.

The Great Wealth Transfer

Our current trajectory is leading us down a path where trillions of dollars will be passed down from one generation to another, with the younger generation having little-to-no information on how to manage it in a way that is specific to their situation and needs. Something needs to change. My hope is to guide more people benefiting from the Great Wealth Transfer in a way that helps them understand their own situations better and become the best versions of themselves they can be.

Socially Responsible Investing

Socially Responsible Investing is a true passion project for Modern Investing. The values of investors are changing, and thankfully, so are their options. SRI Investing is a method that allows clients to choose the companies they invest in partly based on environmental, social and governance ratings, helping some people change their financial footprints into something more positive.

“An outsider’s perception of inheritors is often clouded by envy, scorn and the very mistaken notion that wealth solves all problems. It is important to understand that inherited wealth impacts everything in a person’s life, from relationships to vocational chores. It can be a springboard for achievement or an obstacle that halts motivation in it’s tracks.” – Myra Salzer – The Inheritor’s Sherpa

About Harry

Here’s the thing about me:

I’ve been there.

I’ve been in your shoes, wondering what to do with my trusts, confused by the world of finances, and ready to make a change. That’s the foundation that I’ve built my business on — the idea that you can live a life of true fulfillment, and maybe even your dreams in the process.

After years of working in the family business, I earned a Master of Science in Finance from CU Boulder and am thrilled to be an Investment Advisor at Modern Investing. I’m passionate about helping other trust fund beneficiaries and inheritors make sense of their own situation, harness their special gifts and live a life they never thought possible.

Additionally, I have firsthand experience of all the traps and pitfalls that create problems for people like us. Whether it is resentment, jealousy or just a complete disregard for your thoughts, feelings and emotions (anyone ever say to you “Oh it must be nice to have your problems”?) I believe together we can find a path of enlightenment and fulfillment all while changing the narrative around “trust fund babies.” I hope to do this by earning your trust through honesty, education and a fee-only structure priced with your interests and needs at the top of mind. I can’t wait to work with you!

Services & Fees

Wealth Management

Wealth management looks different to us now than it did to our parents, and yet much of the investment industry continues applying old principles to a new world. Whether you need help managing money you’ve inherited or received via trust or are simply ready to reshape your future through investment, my wealth management services can help provide a fresh perspective — one that is customized to your hopes and needs.
For those looking to invest $250k or more, Modern Investing will take custody of assets on a discretionary basis for a maximum of 0.35% of assets under management.

As Needed Financial Advice

Some of us have a drive or desire to manage our own net worth. This is a very noble path and I commend you to undertaking it, however you don’t need to go it alone. For those looking for hourly advice, spot help or just someone to talk to I am available for $200 an hour sessions, bookable in half hour blocks.

With a little help, financial freedom and confidence could be right around the corner.

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